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Wooding offers a wide range of advisory, support and technology solutions to help clients achieve their ESG goals and navigate the changing environment

 ESG criteria, regulation and investment in all industries are constantly evolving to ensure a more sustainable future for all. As part of this, companies need to actively align their goals, strategies and practices to improve the environment, promote society and create long-term value. Stakeholders, including investors, employees, customers, suppliers and regulators, are increasingly interested in companies' approach to ESG and their performance.

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ESG strategy, action plan and implementation support

Developing an ESG strategy that meets the needs of the organisation and its stakeholders, integrating it into the corporate strategy, defining processes and data collection, defining reporting frameworks.

GAP analysis, materiality scorecard

Identify relevant regulations, assess existing regulations, assess data flows, identify system elements, assess stakeholder needs and priorities in the ESG area

Process organisation

Preparation of regulations, process descriptions, related process organisation proposals and techniques

Project management

Planning and management of the timing of data collection and project management tasks to meet the deadlines of the regulations, validation of results

ESG compliance monitoring and reporting, ESG audit

Monitoring and tracking the implementation of ESG strategy, data analysis, analysis of identified ESG compliance conditions in cooperation with specialists in the areas of environmental management, quality management, occupational safety and health, CSR, legal and business continuity

Reporting and other service

Customer audits, staff training, including top management, customer support in preparing for regulatory audits, handling non-compliances, assisting in reporting and disclosing ESG risk exposure information to the authority


driving ESG excellence

driving ESG excellence - ask for your tailor-made training program

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Wooding Invest Kft is pleased to announce that it has further developed its ESG (environmental, social and governance) consulting services from 2024 onwards. Our mission has always been to help businesses achieve their goals while contributing to a sustainable and ethical future, we are now taking this commitment to the next level, which is also...

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