GREEN BRANDS awards – in international cooperation with independent institutions and companies in the environmental/climate protection and sustainability sector – ecologically sustainable brands (companies / products / service providers / food / associations) and awards the GREEN BRAND Quality Seal.

GREEN BRANDS thus honours the brands' commitment to climate conservation, sustainability and ecological responsibility in a unique way.

The purpose of the company is to acquaint the Hungarian micro-, small-, and medium-sized companies with the effective energy consumption. They offer their advisory service in connection with energy efficiency alike for their personal, corporate and governmental, institution clients. In the course of advisory, besides realizing the aims at energy conservation, they attend to achieve them based on price/value; they support their suggestions with economical calculation, and also work out a proper form of financing to the energy efficiency package.

We help all our clients to achieve their own goals and focus on which area they are an expert in. Our local availability and connections enable us to ensure integrated and quick solutions. Our know-how and sector experience allows us to serve you by tailored and complex service package.

The knowledge and experience of our colleagues entitles us to serve additional complex and special cases as well. Due to our continuous training and technological developments we guarantee the high-standard and reliability of our professional services. We are convinced that we must always provide more efficient and better solutions in order to help customers solve complex tasks and in a changing business environment